CRM-based “Tailored system for the real estate trade"

Apart from trade and advisory services to Polish commercial and industrial real estate firms, Pawlik Nieruchomości also offers architectural and urban design, as well as intermediate trade services related to financing and obtaining capital for investment goals. Our IT system deployed at Pawlik Nieruchomości is the perfect example of how a goal established by the client determines the ultimately developed software solutions.

Based on our original Makolab system, MakoCRM was augmented with new functionalities to fine tune the system to the specifics of the client’s business operations, becoming the “tailored system for the real estate trade”. The system allows for the management of particular stages of the sales process, both for the company’s representatives, and also for clients who visit the website. The system is integrated with external systems used by the company including

Solutions implemented in Pawlik Nieruchomosci project
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Competences employed in Pawlik Nieruchomosci project
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