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The main highlight of Sukcesja, the newly built leisure centre located at the heart of Łódź, is the utmost attention paid to every detail of the venue; from the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient premises itself, to its modern architecture that contains references to the historical architecture of our city, and finally a comprehensive and complementary offer directed to its clients. A cinema, fitness club, bowling alley and shops – Sukcesja is a place where you can not only go shopping, but also relax in a variety of ways. It is also the first shopping centre in Łódź in which one can practice co-working. 

“You don’t have to choose” – Sukcesja’s slogan – also became a guideline for designing the site’s visual layer and its subsequent functionalities. The site is transparent and easy to use, which is manifested through the prominent usage of elegant icons instead of volumes of text. Useful elements of the site include a tool for providing road directions from the client’s location – just one click away – and an interactive map of the premises themselves that are available online. There is also a variety of features useful for the management of the site – we have implemented the popular Drupal CMS which allows for easily adding new shops, facilities and other locations using the administrator’s panel. The site has been designed within the RWD (Responsive Web Design) paradigm, adjusting to any device it is viewed on automatically whilst maintaining easy navigation on desktop computers and smartphones alike. In this context, the slogan “You don’t have to choose” acquires a new and improved meaning.

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