Mirek Sopek on Data Amplified 2016 conference in Singapore

On 8-10th November Singapore hosted a conference on Data Amplified 2016. The future of Business Reporting, organized by xBRL. XBRL is a not-for-profit global consortium, building structured data-based standards for business data reporting and analysis. And the Data Amplified 2016 Conference is one of the most important business events, focused on knowledge exchange and working on future paths of development for the area.

One of the core R&D projects in MakoLab, supplied and supervised by Mirek Sopek, has long been the Blockchain technology. We were honoured to have the recent discoveries, works and Mirek’s technological conferences speeches appreciated to get invited to speak at the Data Amplified.

The highly prestigious conference hosted many significant speakers - leading business and finance decision-makers, representing major consulting agencies, government departments and financial institutions, such as Shu Huihao – Ministry of Finance, China, John Turner - XBRL International CEO, Shujuan Cui and Tiffany R. Chen of PwC or Lory Kehoe of Deloitte Digital.

Mirek’s presentation - How can Blockchain amplify Digital Identifiers – is available on SlideShare.

The speech received very good reviews and raised a lot of interest, resulting in further plans of business cooperation.

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