MakoLab at the E-Finance Lab Fall Conference 2016

September brought quite an interesting opening for us. MakoLab’s Vice-President, Mirek Sopek, was invited to speak at the prestigious E-Finance Lab Fall Conference 2016, organized by E-Finance Lab and DZ BANK in Frankfurt am Main.

The theme of the 2016 edition was “Blockchain: Technology, Legal and Regulation, and Application in the Finance Realm”. The Conference was held in Campus Westend at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Mirek Sopek was speaking on “Using Blockchain for Digital Identifiers: Improving Data Security and Persistance for Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)”. The speech was held for the 600-people conference audience of Finance and Technology business representatives. In addition, MakoLab’s offer for Finance was exhibited and presented by our representative - Tomek Woźniak - at the dedicated stand.

It is worth mentioning, that the Conference had many appearance highlights from such big Finance names as Gerd Ruecker, heading Innovation and New Technologies in Deutsche Boerse, Heiko Hess, the founder and CEO of Brainbot Technologies, or prof. Roman Beck from IT University Copenhagen.

Being invited to feature the E-Finance Conference was a great honor to us and a clear confirmation of our recognition and strong position in providing advanced technologies to the Finance industry.

Watch Mirek Sopek's lecture!

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