Mirek Sopek on developing industry ontologies based on schema.org at the world's most important “data-driven transformation” conference - EDW 2017 in Atlanta


The 21st edition of the most important meeting of business professionals and scientists in the field of Data Management - The XXIst Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference will take place on 2-7 April in Atlanta (US). Speakers and participants include executives (CEOs and CDOs) responsible for the digital operations of the world's largest finance companies, consulting and advisory firms, and all those involved in the creation of innovative semantic and Big Data solutions. In the context of data-driven business management, there is no bigger major event in the world right now.

It is all the more exciting and important for us, that one of the speakers at this year's edition will be MakoLab founder and CTO, Mirek Sopek. As the leader of the semantics ontology development team with proven achievements (contributions to automotive (auto.schema.org) and financial extensions to schema.org), Mirek will talk about the practical aspects of creating and developing semantic vocabularies based on schema.org for specific branches of the industry. The title of Mirek’s speech is: "Industry Ontologies: Case Studies in Creating and Extending schema.org for Industry-Specific Vocabularies". If anyone is planning to attend the conference you are warmly welcomed to join. We also invite you to participate in the two W3C Community Groups responsible for the both extensions co-chaired by Mirek (https://www.w3.org/community/gao, https://www.w3.org/community/fibo)

Wednesday, April 5th, 8.30 a.m., Track: Semantics for Enterprise Data.

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