MakoLab at the Renault Poland Convention


Last week a strong MakoLab team, consisting of CEO Wojciech Zieliński, Tomasz Soszyński and Szymon Wojciechowski, participated in the annual nationwide convention of Used Car Dealers of Renault Polska.

As well as the group of sales representatives from all over Poland and representatives of the organisers, other guests were present from Renault East (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Baltic States) and honorary guests from Renault SAS - Guido Hübner and Mathias Belaiche.

As a long-term business partner of Renault Polska, we were asked to present the solutions and tools we are working on and those which we will be implementing as of June 2017.

Szymon Wojciechowski presented the CarExport 2.0 platform - a tool for creating offers and distributing used cars - in a new, refreshed version and fully integrated with external solutions for car valuing: Radar and Carwert by EurotaxGlass.

The second speech was concerning VirtualCar 360. Andrzej Wrona (CSP) and Tomasz Soszyński (Makolab) presented an innovative solution for the new presentation of used cars on the Internet. It is well known that customers buy with their eyes, hence the idea of replacing long descriptions and tabular data with a new form of car presentation enabling 360 viewing. The project is gaining momentum and already at this stage was welcomed with enthusiasm.


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