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We can all sleep soundly when they are watching over our production environment… and not only over that, either. They configure the cloud production environment and manage deployments, monitor application activity, check for gaps and verify potential threats. They may not wear superheroes’ capes, but they certainly should!
If you were unable to attend yesterday’s webinar on Grzegorz Sztandera’s and Adam Kupczak’s recipe for DevOps, then never despair, because we have a recording of it for you! In just under an hour, Grzegorz and Adam presented business and technical examples which demonstrated exactly how vital a role our Operations Team plays in our projects. They were motivated by a single purpose, which was to set out the whole truth about the evolution of a project and that vital factor which is people who are engaged!
The work tackled by the Operation Team is far from easy and demands maximum attention and logical thinking from the team members. On the one hand, they provide work environments for developers and, on the other hand, they manage the production environments where a client’s final application operates. Situations where they really do have to think on their feet to resolve an urgent task by yesterday are a frequent occurrence. There is a job to be done and time is of the essence.
Did Grzegorz and Adam summon Peppa Pig in order to depict the DevOps-client relationship? See for yourself!
Link to the webinar: DevOps on the MakoLab way
Thursday Wednesday 14th, 2021
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Aleksandra Wesołowska
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