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Insurance calculator for Toyota Insurance Services

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One of the latest projects that our Financial Software Solutions team can pride itself on is an insurance calculator for Toyota Insurance Services (TIS). An application integrated into the vehicle offers and sales platform, it makes it possible to compile personalised insurance quotes. This means that, when a user is reserving a vehicle online, they can order insurance at the same time. The insurance will then be ready and waiting for them when they collect their car.
The platform for Toyota Insurance Services has been created ready for numerous European markets. One crucial aspect of the system was building the app so that, despite local differences between calculators in various countries, the integration on the client platform itself will feature the maximum possible standardisation. This is an approach which supports further development and deployment of the app on more markets, as well as its extension to incorporate further functions connected with insurance.
The TIS project team working on the insurance calculators consists of eleven first-class professional who aren’t afraid of suggesting changes. We’re looking for improvements, streamlining and new solutions that will benefit the client and the entire project.
Project Manager, Łukasz Matusiak expands on the topic.
In the first stage, it encompasses seven European markets and is divided into two basic areas, used vehicles and new vehicles. Services in the first of them are already available to users in France and Spain. It is also interesting to note that, during the course of the project, we are introducing the client’s website rebranding, as well. The effects of that will be visible before long.

As far as the new car services are concerned, we are currently polishing the final details, with publication of that part of the project planned for the very near future.
Tuesday, September 21th, 2021
Michał Hertel
Michał Hertel
Head of Communication & Business Development