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MakoLab Consulting receives
an award from PID Polska!

At the beginning of June this year, PID Polska, a leader in the field of X-ray detectors for the food industry, held the opening ceremony for its Research and Development Centre. During the event, awards were presented to companies whose work has had an influence on PID’s growth. One of them was MakoLab Consulting, which received an award for consultancy, acknowledging the support we provided to the company’s reorganisation of its processes. It was collected by MakoLab Consulting’s senior consultant, Jacek Filipek.
When it comes to the launch of X-ray applications for the food industry, PID Polska is in the vanguard. As a distributor of Eagle devices, the company came to dominate the market with its skills at adapting the equipment to the client’s requirements and providing a unique service. In 2021, working in conjunction with AICON X-Ray GmbH, the company began producing its own devices, which number among the best industrial X-ray detection systems in the world. The company offers state-of-the-art solutions, providing the most advanced X-ray image analysis on the market and guaranteeing the greatest precision in detecting contaminants. The Research and Development Centre is where the company, together with its business partners and scientific and research facilities, is now developing the technological capabilities for its projects.
We’re proud to have been singled out and grateful for the appreciation of our work. PID’s awards go to business partners who have a real impact on the company’s growth. This honour commends a year of fruitful collaboration and is a form of thanks for that, for all the recommendations we made and all the solutions we implemented, leading to vast improvements in PID’s processes. It’s a company with enormous potential.
Jacek Filipek, Senior Consultant, MakoLab Consulting
MakoLab Consulting, which is part of the MakoLab group, began collaborating with PID Polska in July 2021. The first stage of the work consisted of an audit designed to facilitate an analysis of the company’s production process. This gave rise to a project where MakoLab Consulting’s primary tasks were:
  • to design a production process, launch it and standardise it;
  • to change the locations and rules for collaboration with suppliers and the supply chain processes;
  • to support the Board in managing the human aspects as the changes were implemented.
The collaboration was a success and led to another project for PID Polska. This time, it involves MakoLab’s experts in custom-designing, developing and implementing an enterprise resource planning system covering almost every area of the business. The activities the new system will be responsible for include the decomposition of the Bill of Materials (BOM) for a device, the completion of materials from the warehouse and for ordering, control of the technological process, planning and production accounting. The creation and implementation of the software is the work of programmers from MakoLab’s Business Solutions team.
The opening of PID Polska’s new facility was also attended by Maciej Stanisławski, head of research and development at MakoLab and a driving force when it came to taking the company into the sphere of innovation.
I’m optimistic about the opportunity of collaboration between PID Polska’s Research and Development Centre, with its massive technological potential, and MakoLab, where we’re running projects in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Without giving any of the details away, I’d say we’re going to be able to support the solutions currently in use at PID Polska.
Maciej Stanisławski, Head of R&D, MakoLab
Wednesday 3rd August 2022
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Michał Hertel
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