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MakoLab makes its mark at
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The time has come to present a brief summary of our presence at the first Hello Shopware NL, the largest event for the Shopware community in the Netherlands. Our head of digital solutions, Jacek Popko, and our business developer Magdalena Lewandowska, were there in Utrecht on 26th January to promote our programming skills and everything we have to offer as a Shopware Partner, including search engine optimisation, user experience and web analytics services for e-commerce.
Both the event itself and the networking workshops organised by Shopware United were an excellent opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience between clients and Shopware’s business partners, in other words, technology providers and e-commerce agencies. Participation in the event in Utrecht gave the opportunity to have many interesting conversations about building an online business.
The dominant trends in e-commerce for 2023 included microservice architecture and composable, headless and API-first commerce, which Shopware 6 is based on. Our talks were focused on what the Shopware 6 platform has to offer, its flexibility and shopping experiences with multichannel sales using one tool. There was also some lively discussion on the topic of live selling, an evolving trend that’s changing thinking not only about Internet shopping, but also about sales strategy as a whole.
Magdalena Lewandowska, Business Developer, MakoLab SA
We also know from the team that their talks with potential clients are already producing results in the form of requests for proposals. However, that, as they say, is a subject for another day.
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
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Aleksandra Wesołowska
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