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MakoLab’s simulators for
Toyota Financial Services now a presence in 19 countries

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021
The financial simulators designed and developed by MakoLab for Toyota Financial Services (TFS) are now in use in nineteen countries. It has been five years since our successful collaboration with the brand began.
The financing tool is a comprehensive application which fully integrates every car with Toyota Motor’s range of accessories and services and with the financial products delivered by TFS. The latest launches are now available on Toyota’s Belgian and Austrian websites and there are more in the pipeline.
Are you wondering how our financial simulators work? Just watch the brief demo below:
Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is the Toyota Motor Corporation’s captive bank, which operates in more than thirty countries and regions around the world. With a focus on auto loans and leases for Toyota brand dealerships, it provides financing to approximately 12.2 million customers annually.
Our collaboration with TFS on creating financial simulators began in 2016. We provide the company with services related to preparing and maintaining the calculation engines, the application’s front-end layers and the hosting. The solution is based on state-of-the-art microsite architecture.

Michał Hertel
Michał Hertel
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