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MakoLab sponsors
Fintech & Ecommerce Linking Days 2022!

Fintech & Ecommerce Linking Days 2022 is with us! The largest conference in Poland combining technology in finance and ecommerce is taking place in Łódź on 24th and 25th May and we are delighted to announce that MakoLab is a Participating Partner, playing an active role in the event.
Fintech & Ecommerce Linking Days brings together representatives of sectors where a technological of events that have become ‘must-do’ dates in the fintech and ecommerce industries. revolution is being born thanks to the synergy of their activities. The 2022 conference is the first in a series.
Tuesday 24thMay 2022
Aleksandra Wesołowska 2
Aleksandra Wesołowska
Marketing Specialist