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MakoLab wins European Commission funding to combat fake news!

Friday, 19th May, 2021
MakoLab’s R&D department has received financing from the European Commission. The funding will support the creation of blockchain-based solutions for supporting and maintaining the trustworthiness of information on the Internet, including the simplification of the battle against fake news. MakoLab submitted an application to the ONTOCHAIN project and was selected for the quality of its proposal, along with seventeen other applications from the one hundred and thirty-seven submitted.
The ONTOCHAIN project was established on the basis of a European Commission initiative known as Next Generation Internet (NGI). The focus is on the search for innovators in the field of developing blockchain-based, knowledge management systems which will make it possible to use semantic technologies like ontology and knowledge graphs to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of information on the web.
Creating this kind of software is particularly important in a world where false information can have an impact on a geopolitical or economic situation, not to mention the welfare of individuals. Our solution, which is already known as ‘GraphChain’, is rooted in providing blockchain-based software architecture, which includes securing semantic data sets cryptographically. This fundamental technological work gives rise to the creation of one of the layers of the ONTOCHAIN core protocols for the Next Generation Internet.
Mirek Sopek, Chief Technology Officer, MakoLab
The concept proposed by Makolab, which is a continuation of MakoLab’s research in the field of distributed ledgers, is now being tested in synergy with sixteen other concepts to see how it can integrate the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem of trustworthy solutions for data exchange and content handling in practice. Success in this phase means that Makolab will receive total funding of EUR 128 000 and will make a substantial contribution to world-class solutions which will build trust in information.
In themselves, blockchain mechanisms don’t allow the original content of the information recorded on them to be modified. It remains inalterable for ever. To put it extremely simply, by placing entire ontologies and graphs describing the meanings of data on blockchains, we’ll be able to prevent knowledge expressed in that way from being distorted. The source will always remain true and unchanged and tracing its history will be easy.
Mirek Sopek

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