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MakoLab Deutschland GmbH has launched in September

Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020
In accordance with the Management Board's declarations in the commentary to the Q2 2020 results, MakoLab continues its development projects. The change in MakoLab's functioning model caused by the pandemic was carried out efficiently and has had no impact on the implementation of the current projects. Having adjusted to the new reality, the time has come for MakoLab to seek new challenges and business opportunities.
Munich seems to be a natural development direction for a company that is focused on projects and the export of services for the automotive industry.
Our solutions have been present in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for quite a long time and we have already implemented various projects for representatives of the Renault-Nissan alliance and aerospace industry clients, in Austria and Switzerland. We have also been carrying out other interesting works for German car manufacturers for two years, such as those related to the ‘connected car’ area. The establishment of a subsidiary that will allow us to penetrate that market and coordinate the work there much better is a natural consequence of the growing interest in our services in that region.
said Wojciech Zieliński, President of the Board at MakoLab.
On the one hand, being close to the clients at all times is a response to their expectations, since when they entrust our Company with subsequent projects, they want to work with a partner close to them; on the other hand, it also enables us to respond to new business opportunities on the DACH market, primarily in Germany, in a much better way. MakoLab has already gained plenty of experience in this area since it has been running a French office in Paris and foreign subsidiaries in London and Tampa, Florida for years now.
Having a permanent office in Germany is important, but the key part of such an endeavour, like any other, is people. We have managed to recruit Mr Thomas Schardt, an excellent manager with extensive experience on the German market, to work with us at MakoLab Deutschland. We believe that both Mr Thomas and Mr Marek Wodzisławski, head of the Connected Car department at MakoLab who will co-manage the new company, will allow us to become even more actively involved in advanced, innovative projects developed by the broadly-understood automotive industry in the DACH region and capitalise on the full potential and expertise of the MakoLab team.
said Mirek Sopek, founder and vice-president of the Management Board of MakoLab.
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