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Newest Springtime Features
on Clients’ Websites

Friday, April 9th, 2021
Winter has finally come to an end and Renault and Dacia have launched a Spring-Summer after-sales campaign
Echoing what happened last autumn, all the countries of the company’s EAST cluster are using local solutions by MakoLab. The current Renault and Dacia websites provide clients with the opportunity of exploring a new offer for summer tyres. They can also go directly to the R-Shop or Dacia Shop to place their orders. In addition, both brands present seasonal inspection services and air-conditioning cleaning on their websites. All of this is available in one place and just a few steps.
Meanwhile, the RCI Banque embedded features an expanded version of its financial simulator, created and serviced by MakoLab, with new functions added to the tool.
Until now, using the Financial Simulator built for Nissan in Great Britain was only possible in one way, as a stand-alone version for new cars; click.
RCI recently extended access to our tool. Now it:
  1. links to the home page of any Nissan model;
  2. links to Nissan’s New Cars in Stock platform.
In addition, the Simulator now includes the possibility of contacting a dealer directly, with all the data on the vehicle configuration and selected financial parameters being sent automatically.
Not long ago, we also changed the look of all Dacia’s simulators so that they reflect the brand’s new style.
New microsites for Switzerland
In March, the Automotive Software Solutions team developed new Renault and Dacia microsites for our Swiss client .The microsites are the hub of interactive features available on the Renault and Dacia websites, allowing customers of both brands to easily navigate between contact forms, as well as other functionalities.The project was developed in Vue technology, in three language versions for both brands.

The sites can be previewed here: Renault DE, FR, IT and Dacia DE, FR, IT.

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