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Function DevOps
Developing and operating the connected function for automotive OEMs.

We will help you to smooth the way to the development and operation of your connected function from concept to delivery and beyond. We bring processes, communication, collaboration, technology and product improvement together to bridge the gap between IT operations and development. Our purpose is to build and operate successful products on the market.
How we work?
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Your project. Our team.
Proxy Product Owner, Scrum
Master, Devs, QA, CI/CD, Ops
Our operations are based
on ITIL and include 24/7
support, worldwide
We use E2E and PROD
environments for code
delivery and operations
We provide proactive
analyses of your applications
via Hypercare
We establish
a comprehensive toolchain
(OEM + MakoLab)
Agile/Scrum (SAFe) is our
approach, adapted
to the automotive sector
Things we do

We always monitor
environments and applications on multiple layers

We set up
a DevOps team tailored to bring exactly the right skills to each of your projects

We collaborate
with other stakeholders to guarantee success for every product

We maintain
customised environments to boost constant value delivery

We respond rapidly
to fulfil our SLA agreements

We look after
deployment, release processes and the IT environment
Our Connected Function DevOps products Highlights

Proactive Customer Care
This function identifies potential vehicle faults and enables customer service agents to inform users and book the vehicle in for repair on the basis of the data received.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers
  • brand consistency
  • upsell potential
Solution database integration
If a breakdown occurs, this function enables agents to provide solutions that are better tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers
  • brand consistency
  • knowledge sharing
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Trigger over-the-air update
With this function, a customer service agent is able to troubleshoot problems with a car remotely, using the head unit installed in it.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers
  • brand consistency
Remote services
A function that provides remote call centre services such as unlocking a car or locating it by flashing the lights or blowing the horn. The tracking feature can also be used to find stolen vehicles.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers

DevOps activities vary with each project, environment, and deployment model. MakoLab’s diversified approach brings together multiple skill sets, ensuring technical balance and rapid support for new technologies and projects. And it works!
Grzegorz Sztandera, DevOps Operations Manager, MakoLab
What we commit to
ICO protection
Confidentiality is one of our core values. That means we have clients and projects we can’t even talk about.
ICO proactive approach
Proactive approach
We save you time and resources with the proactive approach we bring to our projects.
ICO Flexibility
When it comes to project complexity, timelines and technology, flexibility is our motto. You tell us what you need and we make it happen.
ICO teamwork
We work fast and effectively by focusing on teamwork and close collaboration with our clients.
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More about Connected Function DevOps
Connected Function DevOps is a holistic approach to project development. Collaboration is the primary value. DevOps focuses on bridging the gap between all the various teams and creating a collaborative environment where everyone works together for the benefit of the product.

  • Development team
We begin by forming a team focused on product increment and responsible for particular applications within the sub-products. This team plays a leading role in the Dev aspect of the project and a supporting role in the Ops part.

  • Operations team
At the same time, we put together a team with a focus on product operations. Their responsibility is ensuring an undisruptive product run adhering to the ITIL processes. They play a leading role in Ops and a supporting role in Dev.
As OEMs strive to reduce complexity, simplify their update processes and increase software component reuse, one thing that sets MakoLab apart is our ability to create, develop, deploy and operate complex connected vehicle functions on a global scale while complying with strict service level agreements.

To deliver solution value quickly, we use modern software engineering that combines ASPICE, DevOps and Agile, enabling our clients to respond to market changes and shorten development cycles.

A MakoLab DevOps team:

  • focuses on teamwork rather than individual tasks
  • works with the support of Proxy Sub-product Owners, Process Guardians and Agile Masters
  • offers flexibility in terms of project complexity, schedule and technology
  • is proactive. There is no need for micromanagement. At the same time, we keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of their project
  • conducts regular, team-wide code/incident reviews
  • responds quickly to unplanned workflows without impacting the backlog
  • maintains high-level SLAs
  • the Ops team provides support in line with ITIL v4 and the client’s requirements
MakoLab’s DevOps model encompasses two complementary aspects of delivery. They are:

Product Increment

  • We base this part of the model on the Scrum Framework, in line with Agile Methodology.
  • Our team works closely with the Product Owner to determine the Definition of Ready (DoR) product-specific acceptance criteria and the Definition of Done (DoD) completion criteria.
  • We meet non-functional requirements; environment preparation and deployments are also part of the backlog.
  • Product Owner communicates new and changed product requirements to the teams through Epics and User Stories.
  • We meet non-functional requirements: environment preparation and deployments are also part of the backlog.
  • We implement a joint toolchain (OEM + Makolab) with CI/CD techniques.
Product Operation

  • We are responsible for fulfilling the project requirements.
  • One DevOps team is assigned to the entire project, working in Sprints.
  • We build the knowledge and the ownership mindset across the team throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • We deliver flexibility by providing the activities that project really requires, bringing added value to the overall performance and quality.
We are building a knowledge base for products and their operational challenges. These are the tools that help us:

  • the ITSM Suite
  • Confluence / JIRA
  • CI / CD Jenkins
  • SonarQube
  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services)
  • monitoring
  • databases
In the DevOps process, Hypercare is the period after production deployment when the DevOps team monitors the live software performance and provides a heightened level of support. This ensures the seamless adoption of a new application.

MakoLab’s service team focuses on supervising the production software, providing an exclusive service for managing the Hypercare period, where any need for additional production deployment related to a critical or major incident will not be calculated as part of the Hypercare limits.
MakoLab stands for a number of qualities, including our extensive and ever-growing know-how, our solid experience and our efficient and effective working methods. As a company, we are TISAX- and ISO-certified and a members of our staff hold AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform and ITIL certificates.

As a result, we are trusted by clients such as Renault, as well as one of the most prominent German premium car OEMs and the world’s number one specialist in air transport communications and information technology, with a presence in more than a thousand airports worldwide.

Our portfolio encompasses solutions that make us the ideal connectivity partner for OEMs wanting to develop solutions that will give them a competitive advantage now and in the future. They include:

  • connected aircraft services, including cabin connectivity and data aggregation,
  • a driver communication interface that provides vehicle and user data for customer support,
  • a service request application for customer service and safety-related events,
  • a mobility intelligence data broker providing real-time connected vehicle data,
  • an advanced vehicle communication app for recall and targeted advertising campaigns,
  • an event audit app for data storage, which is used to optimise emergency and concierge systems,
  • an offer manager interface that tailors information from multiple sources for different markets,
  • a data processing tool to support vehicle sales and provide better analysis capabilities.
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