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Function Project
Delivering connected functions for automotive OEMs.

At MakoLab, we leverage our expertise and know-how to provide full project lifecycle support, focusing on close collaboration with our clients. The business team looking after your project will be committed to understanding your needs and delivering solutions tailored to meet them.
How we work
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Modern project management practices
Delivering on time
and within budget
A straightforward, goal-oriented
implementation of the solution
Encompassing the full product lifecycle,
from analysis to maintenance
and operational readiness
Focusing on meeting the business goals
for your product
A change management process
that minimises disruptions and
ensures smooth transitionss
Our Connected Function Projects Highlights

Static and dynamic vehicle data display
This solution provides a detailed overview of vehicle and customer-related data, supporting the search for solutions to customer queries and create tickets for second-level business support.
  • brand consistency
  • upsell possibilities
Data Brocker
A solution offering a secure data broker and transformation service for OEMs and aircraft manufacturers.
  • predictive maintenance
  • flight optimisation
  • environmentally friendly
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Known issues
This solution displays relevant known issues for a specific vehicle/user/service, informing the customer making the request that the service department is already aware of the issue.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers
  • brand consistency
Mapping/de-mapping feature
Maps or de-maps a vehicle to a specific customer so that a solution can be provided to the caller directly over the phone.
  • premium customer care for OEM customers
  • brand consistency

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We offer end-to-end project development, meaning that we take care of everything technical and functional as we focus on your business goals.
Rafał Głowiński, Head of Connected Car Delivery, MakoLab
What we commit to
ICO protection
Confidentiality is one of our core values. That means we have clients and projects we can’t even talk about.
ICO proactive approach
Proactive approach
We save you time and resources with the proactive approach we bring to our projects.
ICO Flexibility
When it comes to project complexity, timelines and technology, flexibility is our motto. You tell us what you need and we make it happen.
ICO teamwork
We work fast and effectively by focusing on teamwork and close collaboration with our clients.
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More about Connected Function Project
What do we mean by a connected function project? A connected function project is a project connected with the development and implementation of connected functions or features in a product or service, particularly in the automotive industry. Connected functions can cover a range of capabilities, including remote access, telematics and connectivity with other devices, to name but a few.

The purpose of a connected function project is to integrate the functions seamlessly and effectively into a product or service, ensuring they meet end-users’ requirements and needs, while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

The project may involve various stages ranging from analysis, design, development and testing to maintenance. It requires a collaborative effort on the part of a team of experts, including project managers, developers, testers and a number of others.
What is our approach to connected function projects? The MakoLab approach to a connected function project utilises modern project management practices in order to ensure that we bring it in on time and within budget.

Focusing on meeting the business goals for your product, a tried and trusted team of our experienced project managers works on the straightforward, goal-oriented implementation of the solution

We not only cover the full product lifecycle, from analysis to maintenance and operational readiness, but also offer a wide range of services, including PoC development, data analytics, cloud solutions and much more in order to support the successful deployment of connected function projects.

Close collaboration with our clients and partners is another of our fundamental values, enabling us to ensure that the final product fulfils the specific needs and requirements we have designed it to meet.
The core parts of the connected function project process can vary depending on the specific approach and methodology used, but generally include:

1. Planning: here, the scope of the project is defined, the goals and objectives are identified and the steps required to achieve them are outlined.
2. Design and development:at this stage, using the appropriate tools and technologies, the product or solution is created on the basis of the specifications defined in the planning phase.
3. Testing and validation: this is when we verify that the product or solution meets the requirements and specifications defined in the planning phase. It is also when we fix any defects or issues found during testing.
4. Improvement and optimization: now, the product or solution is adjusted on the basis of the results of testing and feedback. Iterative improvements are also made in order to optimise performance.
5. Continuous improvement: an ongoing process of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the product or solution over time and continuing to make improvements designed to support the achievement of the business goals and objectives.
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