Data Management and Security L

Data management
and security

A data driven approach and security form our starting point of choice.
At MakoLab, we collect, store and analyse data for projects using a data-driven approach and for BI issues. We place particular emphasis on data security, as the ISO-27001 and TISAX certificates awarded to our company confirm.
Our focus
Data Centre Services
  • Cloud environment management
  • LAN/WAN devices management
  • Backup systems, storage
  • Servers management
  • Routing protocols: static and dymenice, BGP including
  • E-mail systems
  • HA systems
Data Management
  • Web analytics services
  • Analytics tools audit
  • Analytical reports
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Management dashboards
  • Google Data studio dynamic reports
  • Data visualisation
  • Web analytics tools audit and configuration
  • Analytics training
  • Conversion rate optimisation
Security Management
  • IT security devices management
  • Web application security
  • Data management security
  • GDPR compliance
Data. The solid ground for user-centred businesses
Fortunately, the guessing game of business decisions made without recourse to data is a thing of the past. Today, Big Data, along with the tools and methodologies created to manage it, makes it possible to embrace the knowledge it proffers and translate that knowledge into real competitive business advantages. Cost-cutting optimisation of processes, enhanced staff productivity, global-to-local business management and next-generation customer experience are all potential gains powered by data and machine learning/AI.

At MakoLab, whether we are at the very beginning, at the research and analysis stage of a client's project, or stepping agilely into the launch phase, we employ a data-first approach. We also offer services dedicated to supporting our clients’ secure data management and analysis for improving their businesses.
Data Management and Security at MakoLab
Data Management Services
The right, well-managed data is a true mine of knowledge. However, it is the skilfully extrapolated essence which is the real power that will enable you win the biggest slice of your business pie. Work with us and at last you will be free of random decisions and the rule of “it depends”.

MakoLab offers a wide variety of data management services which will help you to increase the accuracy of your business decisions and revolutionise your internal processes for the benefit of your end users and customers.

Whether you need to research and optimise conversion in your online store, audit your web analytics tools, outsource analytics, reporting and so forth or require advanced Big Data management solutions such as Machine Learning/AI/BI, we are ready to bring our wide-ranging expertise and experience to your aid.
Data Centre
One vital and unquestionable secure data management issue is the method of storage and the storage space. In fact, to be precise, the issue is the solution needed for coping with the constantly increasing volume, diversity and complexity of your data. MakoLab offers a whole spectrum of possibilities for dealing with all of this appropriately, in line with your project and business needs.

With our own Data Centre, which is located in the central Polish city of Łódź, our dedicated team of experts and solutions by renowned IT Cloud providers Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Soft Layer, we are able to support you with the service most suited to your business needs.
Security Management
Data security is our top-level focus both in running our own business and in collaborating with our clients’ and partners’ projects. MakoLab is an ISO and TISAX-certified company, committed to sustainable and ethical development in line with CSR standards.

We are fully committed to the provision of services and bring our extensive experience to bear in ensuring that our projects include a number of security-leveraging solutions and services such as IT and web resource security management and GDPR-compliance, to name but two. We also offer our clients consultancy services on data security issues.
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