Analytics services
Migration from GA3

The scheduled end to Google Analytics 360/Universal Analytics is almost here. Avoid reporting gaps and ensure your data stay consistent by upgrading to GA4 or Matomo now!
Why choose GA4 or Matomo?

Better data accuracy
GA4 and Matomo track many more data points than GA3, offering superior data granularity. Migration makes more detailed, more accurate reports available, enhancing your decision-making process.

Mobile app + Web tracking
Google Analytics 4 makes it possible to combine traffic data from a website and mobile app alike. This finally makes it possible to see the entire funnel and analyse the efficiency of marketing efforts across the full customer journey, both mobile and desktop. It also facilitates the calculation of business metrics such as customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

Matomo. The alternative to GA4
Support for GA3 ends in July 2023. For the sake of data consistency and comparability between years and seasons, the best thing to do is to migrate now! However, GDPR-related issues mean that GA is not recommended in Austria, Italy and France at present. In those circumstances, we propose turning to the excellent alternative provided by Matomo.
Some of the features available in GA3’s enhanced ecommerce reporting are not yet available in GA4. To deal with this, we install GA4 in parallel with GA3 for ecommerce websites.
Our services:
Analytics audits

KPI workshops

Migration to GA 4 or Matomo

Data layer customisation
Data consistency check

Custom-designed dashboards

Comprehensive reporting
GA4 migration for ecommerce. An example
An established, German medical supplies manufacturer decided to migrate their online store from GA360 to GA4 and turned to MakoLab as their expert partner.

Our work included:

  • discovery for the current Universal Analytics setup;
  • running KPI workshops designed to facilitate setting new goals;
  • leading a technical workshop in order to clarify constraints;
  • planning, plus designing customised dashboards;
  • implementation and bug fixing.
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How we can help you
The analytics journey starts with a fast assessment of your current setup. This is where we look at where you are and explore the possibilities and constraints. During discovery, we:

  • run business workshops designed to clarify your needs and metrics;,
  • evaluate your current business and technical analytics setup.
When the plan is signed off, we dive into technical implementation and check-up’s. This is where we take care of:

  • implementing GA4 or Matomo for data collection and basic reporting;
  • implementing Data Studio or Tableau for customised business dashboards;
  • testing and bug fixing;
  • providing documentation;
  • handing off for future in-house use.
Once we are familiar with the technical playground and understand the objectives, we move on to creating solutions and a roadmap for their implementation. In most cases, what we handle during planning is:

  • drawing up the implementation plan;
  • designing the customised dashboards.
Ongoing support and training
We also provide ongoing support services as and when required, ensuring that you make the most of your analytics. This typically involves:

  • delivering monthly reports featuring data insights;
  • the ongoing refinement and rearrangement of analytics tools, as necessary;
  • providing training for your staff, enabling them to perform analyses in-house.
Why choose MakoLab?

Our senior analytics team
We have been working in the field of analytics for more than twenty years. Our team members are involved in numerous, complex implementations of Google and Matomo services and server-side analytics, using Azure or AWS tools.

Our background in conversion rate optimisation
We are highly skilled specialists in improving on-site and application conversion ratios and we work hand in hand with UX and SEO teams to continue enhancing our domain expertise.

Global experience
We support multidomain global rollouts for renowned brands on a wide range of markets. Our clients include premium OEMs in the automotive industry, financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, and e-commerce players.
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