Baner - Online Marketing Consulting L

Digital Marketing

Marketing creates advantages. Or at any rate, it should. Yet it will only be effective if the right tools and channels of communication are chosen and properly utilised.
Powerful marketing requires knowledge, experience and the willingness to act. And that’s exactly the skill set we provide to our partners.
MakoLab and Marketing

SEO Consulting

  • Search engine optimisation: Audit
  • Global SEO management
  • Organic visibility strategy
  • Semantic SEO

Paid Campaigns Consulting

  • Media budget auditing
  • PPC and display campaign auditing
  • Paid channel budget planning
  • Google Ads and programmatic budget auditing

Web Analytics Consulting

  • Google Analytics auditing
  • Tracing in a multi-domain environment
  • Marketing analytics auditing
  • Conversion attribution
  • Conversion optimisation (CRO)

Social Media Consulting

  • Social media communication consulting
  • Competition analysis
  • Social media strategy