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Mobile app
We design, develop and promote iOS and Android Apps using Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart
At Makolab, we are on a mission to create, optimise and grow mobile apps. We provide technological inspiration and reliable delivery, with a focus on user experience.
We build custom, user-friendly mobile apps powered by scalable cloud backends.
Here’s what we do:
  • Product vision
  • Agile development
  • Growth
We are ISO 27001 compliant for enterprise-grade apps.
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IoT / Connected Apps
Be it vehicles, aircraft, wearables, household items, consumer electronics - we build apps that connect to things, enhance user experience and add product value.

We use Bluetooth, WiFi, 5G, IoT and industrial IoT. Highly scalable and secure backends? Sure thing.
ICO Ecommerce App
mCommerce Apps
We deliver B2B and B2C apps that boost sales and win loyalty with powerful AI and Machine Learning.

We integrate mCommerce into your current technology landscape (be it Magento, PIM, WMS or ERP), using AWS and Azure clouds.
ICO Social App
Social Apps
Why not use the power of our habit-forming UX designs and put your app ahead of competitors?

User research, data-driven design, on-time delivery, performance, security and scalability? We’ll take care of that, too.
One stop shop for mobile app
Our design and development come with complimentary app store optimisation services, making it easy for end-users to find the app in the Apple App Store, and on Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. For each app, together with our customers, we define and monitor a set of apps vital KPI’s to understand how is it doing and how to improve it.
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Product Vision
We co-design with your R&D and business teams

We use rapid design evaluation with real users

Technically feasible
We validate technology with Proofs of Concept for enterprise-grade apps.
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Agile development
Quick time to market
We deliver MVPs in 12 weeks

Reliable delivery
We assign mobile, server and QA teams to every project, which means we can ramp up rapidly as and when required

No vendor lock-in
We provide clean code and transfer the IP rights
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App Store Optimisation Services
We provide more traffic from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery

Conversion Optimisation Services
We optimise apps for more sign-ups, active users and an increased in-app purchase ratio
Our mobile app success stories
Our design and development come with complimentary app store optimisation services, making it easy for end users to find the app in the Apple App Store, and on Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. For each app, together with our customers, we define and monitor a set of apps vital KPI’s to understand how is it doing and how to improve it.
The Brewer’s Eye
Android & iOS App
Brewers Eye provides an unbiased platform for craft breweries to showcase how great they are and enables app users more access to beer than ever before.

MakoLab built an informative community app with a state-of-the-art UX which also reinforces the Brewers Eye brand experience. It features a set of functions that make it an easily navigable tool for all beer-lovers, whether they are in search of a favourite or want to try out something new.

The set of functions and options enhances the app’s social aspects and the formation of a community of beer lovers from all over the world.
MakoLab has given me a high-quality team that is forward-thinking and happy to change when problems or opportunities arise, I cannot think of a better company to be working on the launch of Brewers Eye with.
Pete, Founder, The Brewer’s Eye app
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Key facts from our way of working
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What to expect from MakoLab?
Performance, usability, content - you name it, we’ll deliver. However, a great user experience is just the beginning.

Unlike software houses, we also keep an eye on promoting and optimising the app, using the potential of blended Creative, Mobile and Conversion teams.

This is done in cooperation with you - our Customer, as your team, has the domain knowledge - all specifics connected with your business domain and user tasks at hand.

The blend of skills from both sides creates synergy and fuels creative ideas for product development.
Always a step ahead: both with technology and understanding users
We follow latest trends and releases in software, new capabilities in phones and devices, so that you don’t have to. Also, we invest heavily in user research, experiments and testing, so that your app uses the full potential of discoveries about irrationality in human decision making. In this way we add value to your app ideas, both enhancing them and validating assumptions.
Project management suited to your needs
You don’t need to hold a Product Owner certificate to work with us. We just ask for your time and availability for communication, so that we can get the job done on time. As a software house that started in 1999, we have experience with both Waterfall and Agile methods. We believe that our project management and way of working need to fit your organisation and needs.
Enterprise grade quality - our daily bread & butter
We have developed and implement our own QA Automation Framework, supporting the ISO 27001 for information safety certificate. In this way, Makolab with 300 employees on board is a great partner for peace of mind with compliance, performance and security issues.
More users, more features, more conversions
Launching the app is just the beginning. Once the app is there it’s time for fighting for visibility and conversion on the app stores. Also, it’s great to understand how your users behave inside the app - where and why they drop off. This is easier when framework such as the conversion loop appears. It makes it possible to both iteratively grow the market for the app and introduce releases of new features.
Mobile FAQ
Fast and furious Proof of Concepts are available within three weeks and a budget of EUR 15 000. Fully scalable apps take three months and EUR 60 000 for a minimum viable product (MVP).

Call us to get a quote for your app.
In most cases, a minimum of one month is required to create a Proof of Concept. Three months are needed for a launchable MVP.
It typically takes anything between one and three months to set up a fully cross-functional team including the technical architect, UX/UI designers, developers, QA officer and agile project manager. If time is of the essence, we can always start faster with a smaller team and accelerate the development by ramping up in the subsequent months.
Yes. We offer a choice of service plans. Two levels of support are available.
Yes. We provide comprehensive audits covering usability, performance, scalability and security. We also provide recommendations and create roadmaps for the implementation of upgrades. If your app needs fixing, we are happy to help.
Yes. Mobile app scalable backends based on cloud-native architectures are the nuts and bolts of our work. We design, develop and maintain high-performance backend solutions and, as frequently required, we can supply them with integrations via REST API, enabling your new app to talk to existing parts of your business-tech landscape.
Yes. We pride ourselves on our twenty-plus years of collaboration with automotive manufacturers, which includes joint R&D efforts. Using our combined teams approach, we work hand in hand with our clients to create innovative digital products and services.
As an ISO 27001 and TISAX certified company, we are absolutely committed to information security, app testing and removing bugs. We have therefore developed our own QA Automation Framework, which enhances our prompt bug fixing and speeds up delivery.
Yes. We provide working code together with a clear and transparent IP policy. Our bespoke software is sold with IP rights, while those parts that cannot be sold, in other words, the open-source libraries used in the project, are sub-licensed accordingly.
Yes. All the apps we build are documented in line with the work methodology for the project.
Mobile insights
User inspired design. Reliable delivery.
With more than 60% of website visits coming from mobile devices now, mobile app development is definitely in. We started as an interactive agency in 1990 and continuously enhanced our creative, emarketing and development skills.

Today, as a software house with nearly 300 people on board, we draw from our experience for mobile app development from cooperation with mobile and aviation industry manufacturers, rolling out apps for many global markets, we have developed a focus towards highly scallable, reliable, enterprise-ready mobile apps.
Best practices for User-Centric Design, including Quantitative and Qualitative User Research methods, merged with the talent of visual designers form a unique blend: captivating and highly functional design. Nevertheless, we have learned that even the best UI will fail without a great performing backend. Therefore, our delivery services focus on connecting all dots: design, development and agile practices for handling projects and communications. On-time delivery is the focus here. That’s how user-inspired solutions really can be brought to life.
  • Integrations with enterprise systems
  • API’s
  • Microservices
Iso Tissax
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified
  • TISAX certified
Tech stack
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • JAVA
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Dart

Are you ready to talk about your mobile app needs?

Whenever you have a project or just an idea, why not talk to us about it. Allow us to put our experience into it and let’s discuss how to approach it.

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