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Shopware development services, perfectly tailored to optimise your online business and drive your sustainable growth.
Every store has its own story.
At Makolab, we have built numerous B2B, B2C, D2C and marketplace e-commerce sites. The digital journeys we have taken are many and varied, but they do have one thing in common; they reflect each client’s needs and aspirations. Here’s a synopsis of just one of those stories.
An ambitious entrepreneur with a flare for fashion set out on an e-commerce journey in 2017, selling clothes online.

Now, just a few years later, that modest start has grown, a widely known multibrand store offering clothing, footwear and accessories by renowned labels.

As a certified Shopware partner, MakoLab has provided the UX, Shopware and SEO skills that have helped the company surge ahead, consistently growing its customer base, winning recognition and reaching a YoY growth of 124%.
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Serving customers large and small
We provide e-commerce services for companies ranging from local to global enterprises. Below are just a few of the brands that have made MakoLab their partner.
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Avenues of collaboration
Most of the projects we are currently working on fall within one of following scenarios:
Build from scratch
Building a new store or marketplace.

B2B, B2C, D2C.

Provides superlative performance, SEO visibility that outstrips competitors and easy integration with other software thanks to the flexibility of Shopware 6.
Moving to Shopware 6 from a different solution, such as:

  • Shopware 5
  • Presta
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • SaaS
Maintaining and optimising
Extend your team’s capacity with the following skills:

  • certified Shopware developers
  • technical architects
  • Dev/Ops engineers
  • SEO, UX and web analysts

offered as monthly packages or on a time and materials basis.
The MakoLab Shopware 6 development process
No two projects are alike, but the milestones can be. In general, our build and migrate scenarios include the following stages:
ICO Users (Conversation)
Defining the business requirements, the product inventory and the tech stack.
ICO All Graphic Design
Creating the user journeys and the respective Shopware templates.

Covering desktop, mobile and phygital experiences.
ICO All Development (Programming)
Developing the site, using certified Shopware skills.

Developing custom integrations and Shopware plugins (extensions).

Our QA, SEO and UX teams scrutinise the build, ensuring the best final quality.
ICO All General App Desktop Backend
Growing sales and winning customer loyalty. Providing maintenance packages and optimising conversion rate and the search experience.
Shopware 6 plugin development
MakoLab is a certified Shopware partner with certified Shopware developers on board. Utilising our deep knowledge of Shopware, we offer outstanding plugin development services, customising your e-commerce platform to enhance its functionality and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

We have already built several plugins for the Shopware store ecosystem itself:
ICO Cloud Shopping
Omnibus. – Lowest price
ICO Ecommerce Plugins
Special offers on cheapest items in a cart
ICO All Analytics
Google Search Indexer
ICO Convert Picture
Convert and optimise images to WebP
Our Shopware maintenance packages
Choose MakoLab off-the-shelf package or talk to us and we will tailor one to suit your preferences.
A favourite for small- and medium-sized stores

This entry-level package starts at 8 hours per month

  • Shopware application upgrades
  • plugin upgrades
A frequent choice for growing stores

Suited to medium-sized stores, this package starts at 40 hours per month

  • Shopware application upgrades
  • plugin upgrades
  • UX consulting
  • SEO consulting
First-rate for boosting in-house team capacity

Customised packages billed as a retainer or time and materials services

  • certified Shopware developer skills
  • Dev/Ops skills
  • UX skills
  • SEO skills
  • web analytics skills
Growth services for Shopware stores
Turn to one of our growth skills sets to drive your sales and customer engagement to the next level. Talk to us about your needs and we will give you a quote.
Search Engine Optimisation 
Make it simple for customers to find your store

Build your SEO visibility and enable more customers to find you. Increase your traffic volume.

  • Shopware SEO adjustments
  • SEO audits and strategy
  • technical SEO consulting
  • copywriting services
  • backlinking plans
  • global SEO, covering multiple domains and multiple countries
Search Experience Optimisation (SXO)
Acquire more relevant traffic

Deal with the SEO and UX details impacting your search engine results page (SERP) visibility. Increase traffic volume and quality.

  • advanced SEO support
  • using Schema markup to win in SERP
  • UX consulting for content choreography
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Turn more eyeballs into orders

Apply the power of qualitative and quantitative methods to optimise user experience and generate more sales.

  • A/B testing
  • user testing
  • Analytics, Looker, Power BI
  • microconversion optimisation
  • sales funnel optimisation
Shopware hosting and SLAs
Discover which hosting options work best for you. We will be happy to provide a hosting proposal tailored to your needs.
ICO Servers Net
On-premises hosting
ICO Cloud Tools
Scalable cloud hosting
ICO Cloud Upload
Hybrid hosting
Below is a list of the generic challenges which trouble chief digital officers, directors and e-commerce managers. We help you to tackle these, freeing you up to focus on your core business.
Any number of issues could lie behind this problem and the only way to identify them is with a professional analysis. They include uninspiring visuals, poor functionality, a lack of reviews, failing to follow SEO best practice, not having a mobile-responsive site, failing to embrace the power of video, not providing a clear value proposition, a lack of strong calls to action, a website which is not target-market specific, low-quality content and failing to pay enough attention to key pages, among others. If you are planning to set up an e-commerce website or already have one that is failing to convert and you don’t really know where to begin, then begin by contacting Makolab! We will relieve you of the burden and help you get marching along the road to a successful ecommerce operation.
A user experience (UX) audit is an analysis of a website, online store or mobile app. In brief, during the analysis, our experts check whether or not your website’s interface was designed to enable your users to accomplish what they want to do effectively and comfortably.
For a UX audit to have the desired effect, it needs to be carried out by professionals providers of that service. Only people with plenty of experience are capable of conducting an audit of this kind correctly and effectively. In general, auditing a website’s UX involves: - an expert analysis which makes it possible to verify the user experience in line with the principles for creating a website; - making a model of the UX; - running A/B tests.
While conducting a UX audit, it is vitally important to determine the tools and potential available in each specific case.
Providing a good user experience (UX) is a major contributing factor when it comes to your website’s success. UX design is becoming increasingly popular and keeping pace with that is the rising demand for the kind of good designer-specialists that you need to entrust your business to if you are seriously thinking about improving your website’s functionality.
Anyone with their own website is looking for the greatest conversion coefficient possible. Shops have to sell their goods, service-related websites need to attract people in search of the services they provide and readers are a must-have for blogs. It is essential for the content of your platform to be presented in a way that captures users’ interest and gears them up so that the conversion happens with you. You might have a hundred thousand organic visits a month, but if your cart, login and layout are unintuitive, you certainly can’t count on conversions.
There are numerous reasons why a website doesn’t show up in search results. They range from the most straightforward, such as a badly configured robots.txt file, for instance, right up to various kinds of penalties imposed by Google. To minimise the risk that your website fails to show up on a search engine results page (SERP), a technique known as ‘white hat SEO’, which conforms to Google’s policy, is used. If you don’t have the highly specialised knowledge needed to create and maintain search engine optimisation, just contact us at MakoLab. Our experts will be more than happy to take the weight of positioning your website off your shoulders… and we’re certain that you will be more than happy with the result.
Entry-level projects start at EUR 50k. Call us to get a quote for your store.
In most cases, just three months will take us to go-live with the first version of the store.
MakoLab and Shopware development
Visit our Insights blog to learn more about how we work with Shopware technology:
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