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Shopware software works for every business model, B2B, and B2C alike. Harness the platform’s advanced sales functions and watch your store grow as a force.
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Shopware offers a state-of-the-art, highly flexible e-commerce solution which is trusted by the world’s best-known brands. The software makes the rapid deployment of innovations possible, accelerating the development of a store operating in the sphere of digital commerce. You decide how far you want to go… and we provide you with full support.
As a Shopware business partner, we present our list of the platform’s strengths, which represent immense value to the daily running of an e commerce business and to its development.
Multichannel sales

Omnichannel sales is a pivotal trend for ecommerce. Thanks to Shopware, you will acquire a tool that will enable you to manage various sales channels from one panel. The options built into the panel include Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Marketplace, Voice Commerce and Google Shopping.

The Sales Channels function allows you to control the sale of your services or products in numerous places. Also of the essence is the fact that individual channels can feature a different range of products or services and operate in different currencies and languages.
Plug-in manager and open source
The plug-in manager is a real command center when it comes to managing apps added to your store. Access to a constantly growing base of functional plug-ins means that you gain a simple way to extend your own system.

As we publish this article, the base offers 4,000+ plug-ins! Shopware is an open-source tool, with a community of more than 1,200 programmers continuously expanding the many extensions. New ones arrive more or less every day.
International sales

By default, Shopware stores are set up so that you can internationalise your business. The built-in functions mean that there are far fewer obstacles to overcome in order to launch sales on foreign markets.

The solutions the platform offers include adaptability to legal requirements in specific countries, multiple languages and multiple currencies, as well as the configuration of price policy rules and tax calculations to suit particular markets.
Progressive web application

The platform’s progressive web application (PWA) is one of its main advantages. In practice, it is responsible for creating a front for your eCommerce, which will be state-of-the-art and intuitive at the same time and will even meet expectations for enterprise-level designs.

The PWA was created in collaboration with Vue Storefront, which means a guarantee not only of cutting-edge technological solutions but also of the best practice applied by the Vue.js community.
Integrated SEO function
Having an online store with an integrated SEO function is indispensable to the proper promotion of your business. Shopware is equipped with a host of functions that will enable you to optimise your shop in that respect.

There are extended descriptions, meta tags, canonical tags and breadcrumbs, to name but a few. It is worth remembering that ‘friendly’ links, in other words, properly created URLs, also have an impact on a website’s Google ranking. Shopware 6 contains a mechanism for simplifying their configuration. It is also possible to take care of alternative descriptions and photo captions at the panel level.
API first

In line with the API-first approach, Shopware provides sellers with a technological foundation for seamlessly integrating their store with various channels such as mobile apps, marketplaces and payment gateways.

In addition, you can connect your shop with external systems like ERP, PIM and CRM. You can also view all the operations from a central platform.
The Shopware 6 solution gives us an opportunity to nurture that approach and it’s a superb basis for offering end-to-end solutions within the context of our wide range of services and the needs connected with users’ purchasing experiences.
Michał Hertel, Head of Business Development at MakoLab
Michał Hertel
Build your online store with MakoLab
Makolab Shopware
We set up our collaboration with Shopware in order to provide our clients with flexible, state-of-the-art ecommerce solutions.
Shopware leads the German B2B and B2C market. With over twenty years’ experience in the sector, it supports more than one hundred thousand businesses around the world.
What does MakoLab offer as a Shopware partner?
Using Shopware, we build new stores from A to Z. We also migrate shops from other platforms to Shopware and we provide maintenance, development and optimisation services for new and migrated stores.
In short, we do everything we can to support our clients in running their ecommerce. With MakoLab behind you, your worries about your technology are over and you can focus your energies on growing your business.
The most frequent collaboration scenarios
Building a new store on the Shopware 6 platform
If you want to build a new store, we will provide you with comprehensive support from the initial concept to your up-and-running shop. You can forget your concerns about finding competent technology experts and project managers and bringing them on board. We will provide the entire team and make sure that the job is organized efficiently, so much so that your new store could be ready in just three months.
Migrating to Shopware 6 from another platform
If you already have a store, we will help you transfer it to Shopware 6 from its current platform, such as Shoplo, Shoper, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento or Shopware 5, for instance. One important aspect of our support is that we keep SEO to the fore during the migration. This way, we ensure that once your new website is launched, it maintains your previous search engine visibility. We look after the data migration and provide a smooth transfer to your new system, which will be operationally integrated with other systems, like your CRM and ERM, for example.
Maintenance and development of your Shopware project
If you are searching for a company to deal with the maintenance, development and optimisation of your existing Shopware installation, we will be happy to take on that challenge. We begin by studying and reviewing the installation and familiarising ourselves with the current solutions. Then, working together with you, we draw up a list of optimisation tasks. On the basis of that, week by week, we will steadily remove errors, implement corrections and develop your store.
What do we actually do? Details, please!

Audits, user surveys and benchmarking
Before starting work on your project, you may well want to check which areas of your present store need improvement or what new functions will need including in its new incarnation. If you do, then we have an extensive range of quantitative and qualitative tests we can carry out for you. We also compile comparative analyses which show how your store is doing against the competition. In addition, we provide a clear and comprehensive report covering your SEO and UX status.

Content inventory. Better product displays on your digital shelves
We analyse popular search engine phrases and suggest an optimal layout for your category tree and for displaying your subcategories, special offers and products.

Development and an eagle eye on QA
We use best practice for producing software when we deploy Shopware 6 and we offer not only user tests and manual tests, but also unit and automation tests.

Analytics. Optimising your marketing budget
We provide complete configuration of GA4, GTM, Data Studio and other tools such as Tableau Software and Microsoft Power BI. We also produce reports which clarify everything and make it possible to draw the right conclusions, in other words, where to allocate money in order to generate the most valuable traffic for your store.

Integration, for enhanced productivity
and efficiency
We connect Shopware 6 with other systems, such as PIM, ERM, CRM, payment gateways and extensions available as plug-ins.

A/B testing and optimisation
We provide UX support during deployment and after its completion. Our UX designers and researchers work with our analysts, conceiving and then presenting ideas which will enable us to optimise your store so that there will be a steady improvement in your conversion rate and your users’ experience.

UX. An inviting and effective purchase path
When we design purchase paths, they are not only attractive, but are also grounded in the best practices, including the guidelines featured in Baymard Institute reports, ISO standards and our extensive knowledge of front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Vue.js.

Maintenance and development with a cloud infrastructure
We offer extensive accessibility on the basis of a service -level agreement (SLA). We are ready to maintain your store on Shopware 24/7 on the basis of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure mechanisms. This means that even when your website is very busy, the pages will load quickly and orders will be accepted without problems or errors.

SEO. Gaining customers for your shop with SERP visibility
We work on global SEO projects that make it possible to achieve high brand visibility in Google searches in numerous languages and on a multitude of markets.
How does migrating to Shopware work?
There are several steps:
This stage involves studying the technological, business and functional expectations and cataloguing the current solutions.
Consolidating our proposal. Benchmarking
At this stage, we provide our proposal for the technical architecture and the organisation of work on the project. We provisionally set the aims, priorities and framework plan, estimating the time needed for the work and the implementation costs, as well as the costs of commercial deployment and subsequent maintenance.
Initiating the project
We sign an agreement and involve the entire project team, in other words, analysts, UX and UI specialists, architects, developers and QA, SEO and content experts. During our kick-off meeting with you, we discuss the roles and responsibilities on MakoLab’s part and yours. Work documentation systems and meeting schedules are set up and we agree the rhythm of work on the project.
Migrating over several stages
We divide the major tasks into stages in order to provide a smooth, dextrous migration of the new, superior version of your store, with its greatly enhanced functionalities. That we will bring it in on time goes without saying! During the migration, the team of developers has the full support of the analysists and the UX and SEO specialists. This ensures that, once the migration is complete, your store will present the look agreed on at the design stage and your website will achieve excellent visibility on Google.
Optimisation, development and maintenance
Once your new store is up and running, we shift into ‘ongoing improvement’ mode. On the basis of the analytic data, we optimise your conversion rate, your users’ experience and purchase paths and watch over the traffic generated by SEO. We provide technical support as per the SLA and develop new functionalities, either by involving the resources of the entire team or in line with a monthly package of developer hours.
Our Team
To deploy a store, we set up a dedicated team of experts
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This way, we can guarantee all the skills essential to providing you with a fast, effective store.
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