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We design, develop and optimise easy to use, scalable, headless commerce solutions using Shopware and provide end-to-end digital commerce support, from audit, via design and development, to maintenance and further growth.
Are you looking to create a new online store or move to a new platform for optimum performance and user experience?
This is exactly where we can help you, from A to Z, from strategy to optimisation.
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Contemporary, user-friendly commerce
Whether you intend to build a new solution or are considering replatforming from Magento, WooCommerce, Presta or any other solution, we will serve as your right hand from start to finish.
Shopware 6 - migration and development from scratch
Development, QA, UX, SEO, Web analytics, conversion rate optimisation… you name it and, at Makolab, you’ll find it! We can provide the full set of skills to help you to boost your sales, revenues and customer loyalty.
We use an API-first approach to create high-performance B2B and B2C online stores based on either Ucommerce or Shopware and PIM/ERP/CRM/MA integrations.
See a Shopware 6 case study is a boutique online shop featuring fine clothing brands with thousands of SKU’s.

Scope of works for Shopware 6 installation and support:
  • Performance tweaks
  • Templates optimisation and bug fixing
  • Custom checkout design and implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • SEO tweaks, technical and content support
  • Google Analytics support
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End-to-end partnership and support
Whether you are planning development or re-platforming, we have certified Shopware 6 developers teams complimented by PM, QA, UX, SEO, and Web analytics skills. Once your site is launched, we will be beside you to fine-tune your operation, ensuring it generates more sales.

Testing how user-friendly your site’s cognitive walkthrough is User research checklists

On-site and off-site evaluation of your search engine visibility Technical evaluation

Web Analytics
Checking for gaps in the GTM and data layers Setting up your Google analytics correctly

Designing & building
Two weeks for researching, benchmarking and capturing ideas for further development

Web and mobile design
A mobile-first,
easy-to-use UX

Shopware Development
Starting from scratch or
migrating your current data

Custom Development
Bespoke, enterprise solutions,
as and when needed

Go-live ends the first step
Now let’s move on!

UX support
UX reviews for the development team as a standard provision

SEO support
Your site will be SEO-friendly at go-live, so no clean-up is needed afterwards

Web Analytics support
Analytics from day 1
No data gaps during migration

Conversion Rate Optimisation
More clients, less dropouts and
a higher CR
The Shopware partnership
The appeal of Shopware 6 is rooted in its tried and trusted technologies. Symfony, with Vue.js for the administrative panel, guarantee the rapid and effective implementation of businesses’ personalised needs.
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Why choose Shopware for creating a new store or migrating?
Cutting-edge technology
Shopware 6 is an engine that has been developed from scratch, making it possible to use open-source solutions like Symfony, which are the very latest and set the current standards in the sector. They make development a pleasure and their advantages also include swift deployment and simple maintenance.
Low maintenance costs
Thanks to its cutting-edge architecture, Shopware can rapidly be expanded. The state-of-the-art technology also makes it possible to limit the costs of hosting and monthly servicing.
API-first architecture
Shopware 6 features API-first architecture, meaning that it integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, PIM systems such as PimCore, and PWAs, like Vue Storefront, for instance.
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The open code, which can be freely modified, and the wide potential for installing additional plug-ins make Shopware a platform that is extremely easy to adapt. This means that your shop can be developed non-stop, even when it is operating.
An alternative to Magneto 2
Shops that sprang from WooCommerce or Presta are searching for an engine that will allow them to carry on developing. Shopware is the perfect answer when it comes to filling the gap between systems for amateur shops and the colossal Magento.
Trust in Shopware is global
Almost 100 000 brands around the world are already racking up success in digital commerce thanks to Shopware. Their ideas and unique requirements drive Shopware’s work on enhancing the power of open commerce and helping its clients grow beyond anything they have previously experienced.
Our eCommerce success stories
We develop solutions to support multi-channel online sales. We carry out tasks for global players and local leaders, regardless of whether they operate on the B2B and B2C market. In addition to the implementation of online stores, we offer a number of services that optimize and support companies in achieving their goals. Get to know our sample projects.
Conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimisation is all about results. The number of completed conversion goals, such as sales, orders, new customers, churn ratio, conversion rate and so on, is just the beginning.

How do we achieve this?
  • We set test hypotheses and create an entire backlog of changes, ranked in line with their expected outcome
  • We plan and perform A/B tests and multivariate tests
  • We implement the optimal versions of changes
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eCommerce FAQs
Any number of issues could lie behind this problem and the only way to identify them is with a professional analysis. They include uninspiring visuals, poor functionality, a lack of reviews, failing to follow SEO best practice, not having a mobile-responsive site, failing to embrace the power of video, not providing a clear value proposition, a lack of strong calls to action, a website which is not target-market specific, low-quality content and failing to pay enough attention to key pages, among others. If you are planning to set up an e-commerce website or already have one that is failing to convert and you don’t really know where to begin, then begin by contacting Makolab! We will relieve you of the burden and help you get marching along the road to a successful ecommerce operation.
A user experience (UX) audit is an analysis of a website, online store or mobile app. In brief, during the analysis, our experts check whether or not your website’s interface was designed to enable your users to accomplish what they want to do effectively and comfortably.
For a UX audit to have the desired effect, it needs to be carried out by professionals providers of that service. Only people with plenty of experience are capable of conducting an audit of this kind correctly and effectively. In general, auditing a website’s UX involves: - an expert analysis which makes it possible to verify the user experience in line with the principles for creating a website; - making a model of the UX; - running A/B tests.
While conducting a UX audit, it is vitally important to determine the tools and potential available in each specific case.
Providing a good user experience (UX) is a major contributing factor when it comes to your website’s success. UX design is becoming increasingly popular and keeping pace with that is the rising demand for the kind of good designer-specialists that you need to entrust your business to if you are seriously thinking about improving your website’s functionality.
Anyone with their own website is looking for the greatest conversion coefficient possible. Shops have to sell their goods, service-related websites need to attract people in search of the services they provide and readers are a must-have for blogs. It is essential for the content of your platform to be presented in a way that captures users’ interest and gears them up so that the conversion happens with you. You might have a hundred thousand organic visits a month, but if your cart, login and layout are unintuitive, you certainly can’t count on conversions.
There are numerous reasons why a website doesn’t show up in search results. They range from the most straightforward, such as a badly configured robots.txt file, for instance, right up to various kinds of penalties imposed by Google. To minimise the risk that your website fails to show up on a search engine results page (SERP), a technique known as ‘white hat SEO’, which conforms to Google’s policy, is used. If you don’t have the highly specialised knowledge needed to create and maintain search engine optimisation, just contact us at MakoLab. Our experts will be more than happy to take the weight of positioning your website off your shoulders… and we’re certain that you will be more than happy with the result.
Entry-level projects start at EUR 50k. Call us to get a quote for your store.
In most cases, just three months will take us to go-live with the first version of the store.
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