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Insurance e-commerce platform for Gjensidige Baltics

We built a comprehensive client-oriented online sales platform offering a wide range of insurance products – available to be bought online in less than 3 minutes.
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A functional and user-friendly online tool that enhances the online marketplace for insurance products in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia - by fully automating and developing digital operations.

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Complete solution

All that based on the advanced, comprehensive sales platform designed to deliver high-standard and brand-compliant customer experience.

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The primary challenge that this online solution sought to address, included building a functional and user-friendly online tool for offering the purchase of advanced insurance products - with the highest level of self-service possible.
Entering new markets and implementing the brand building strategy, the insurer also put great emphasis on the websites enhancing customer and brand experience.

Thus, they needed an efficient e-commerce platform boost with a full set of services and sales operation functionalities packaged in an expertly-designed architecture of information with a coherent visual identity.
The Gjensidige solution manifest as an advanced, personalised and comprehensive selling platform.
Though technically complex, it is an intuitive and user-friendly tool. A Gjensidige customer can perform their entire purchase process online in a simplified manner. This ultimately results in customers being able to acquire valid policies with no need for personal interactions beforehand.

For this to be possible, the platform offers its users:

  • An online shop with insurance products
  • Authentication via a bank account
  • A self-care solution
  • A claims solution that automates losses processing
  • Online support availability (e.g. online chat with a call center)
  • A tool for obtaining offer forms
  • Multiple sub-applications supporting the insurance contracting and servicing processes
  • Easy and intuitive access to information necessary for making purchase decisions and for performing all other accompanying operations - by the customers themselves, of course
All of this is connected to a bespoke, intuitive architecture of information that supports the customer in performing their insurance operations online and making purchase decisions. Wrapped up in a highly coherent Gjensidige brand identity not only enhances its use but also increases overall brand recognizability.

Delivering such an easy-to-use self-service portal that covers an extensive number of products, functionalities and services required the application of advanced technologies and a careful design and planning process. The solution is based on the multisite & multilanguage Sitecore Platform that offers the same high-quality customer experience across all online media platforms (landing pages, standard website, online service portals) and devices (desktop, mobile).
  • 9 various banking systems integrated
  • 50+ points of integration in total
  • 3 countries in the Gjensidige Baltics region
  • 2 times more sales noted overnight on motor vehicle third party liability