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A showcase website for the leading ceramic and stoneware brand

We created an easily reachable website that showcases, inspires and smoothly guides its users through the offer with the content tailored to their profile and current needs.
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Close collaboration with the client from the very stage of workshopping and crafting the user profiles resulted in designing and delivering a fully client-oriented solution – intuitive and well-optimised for easy online reach.

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Complete solution

The aesthetic design, excellent UX and functionalities including such aspects as filtering and tagging, geolocation, etc. easily navigate the tile and décor enthusiasts to the site spot they currently need or want to visit.

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The client’s goal was to build a modern website that would meet the requirements of diversified user groups and would be easily reached, especially from Google search engine. A website that would not only be intuitive but also easily found online.
To begin with, Paradyż undertook extensive research to better understand both their website users and end-customers’ needs, including their purchasing process – resulting in obtaining unique insights for the creation of a new portal.

They invited MakoLab to the workshops which led to the creation of a list of proposed functionalities dedicated to supporting all website users in quickly finding the information required to finalise their purchases - such as inspirational designs and comprehensive search tools for navigating users towards products that matched their given search criteria.
The new portal presents the user with a rich gallery of inspirational images, easily adaptable to the needs and criteria selected by the user.
The listings apply a filtering mechanism that is adjusted to the user’s manner of searching. In this way, even customers that use precise search criteria can easily and quickly find the collections and products that meet their expectations.

The in-built global search engine facilitates the rapid acquisition of a vast variety of information – including inspirations, collections and products – and seamlessly links to more detailed descriptions provided on the relevant pages.

The map of sales locations indicates a point of purchase matched to a user’s location, as well as the availability of the products searched.

To enrich the customer experience and inspire the users to explore more of the producer’s offer, the site invites the users to visit such additional sections as “Design”, “Tips & Tricks” or the whole interior design blog section – available through an intuitive navigation elements.
Some functionalities details include:
  • The map allows for the clustering and pinning of groups categorized by their types (e.g. within a particular collection)
  • It is possible to define a default map area displayed for each country (language version), accepted only after the users’ approval
  • The global search engine presents results that are categorized by inspirations, collections and products
  • The advanced filtering mechanism allows users to easily reach the inspiration, collection or product that meets their requirements
  • A complete description of each product is provided on both the product page and on the search engine of documents and certificates. The product page details also include the visual presentation of the given model in various tile arrangements
  • 41,5% YoY increase in website new users (website organic traffic August 2019 vs August 2018)
  • 21,2% YoY increase in websites sessions (website organic traffic August 2019 vs August 2018)
  • 195% YoY increase in Paradyż blog new users (blog organic traffic August 2019 vs August 2018)