A showcase website for the leading ceramic and stoneware tile brand

We created an easily reachable, showcase website that inspires its users and guides them smoothly through the Paradyz range with content tailored to their profile and requirements.

We collaborated closely with the client from the outset, workshopping and crafting the user profiles. As a result, we were able to design and deliver a fully customer-oriented solution which is intuitive and optimised for easy online reach.
Complete Solution
The aesthetic design, excellent UX and high-quality functions include aspects such as filtering, tagging and geolocation. Tile and interior décor enthusiasts are fluidly navigated to the section of the website they want or need to visit.


The goal
The client’s goal was to build a modern, intuitive, easily reached a website that would meet the requirements of diverse user groups and would be found quickly online, especially via Google’s search engine.

To begin with, Paradyż carried out extensive research to obtain a better understanding of their website users’ and end customers’ requirements. The study also covered the purchasing process and it produced unique insights which could then be applied in creating the new portal.

The company invited MakoLab to the workshops which gave rise to a list of proposed functions dedicated to helping the website’s users quickly find the information they require in order to finalise their purchases. This includes inspirational designs and comprehensive search tools for navigating users towards products that match their given search criteria.

The solution
The new portal provides the user with a prolific gallery of inspirational images that are very flexible, enabling the user to adapt them to their requirements and selected criteria.

The listings apply a filtering mechanism which is which adjusts to the user’s way of searching. This means that even customers using precise search criteria will quickly and easily find the collections and products that meet their expectations.

The built-in, global search engine facilitates the rapid acquisition of a vast variety of information, including inspirations, collections and products. It also links seamlessly to the more detailed descriptions provided on the relevant pages.

The map of retail outlets indicates the sales point(s) for a user’s location and the availability of the products they are looking for.

To enhance the customer experience and inspire users to explore more of the Paradyz product range, the site invites them to visit additional sections, such as ‘Design’, ‘Tips’ or the entire interior design blog section, which is available via intuitive navigation prompts.

Some function details are listed below:
  • The map allows groups categorised by type, for example, within a particular collection, to be clustered and pinned
  • A default map area can be displayed for each country and each available language version. It requires the user’s acceptance
  • The global search engine presents results categorised by inspiration, collection and product group
  • The advanced filtering mechanism makes it simple for users to reach the inspiration, collection or product that meets their requirements
  • A complete description of each product is provided on the product page and via documents and certificates search engine. The product pages also include a visual presentation of the tile in question in various interior arrangements
MakoLab’s work involved:
Building the website: 
  • developing the underlying assumptions and the information architecture (IA)
  • designing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
  • developing and deploying the CMS Sulu.io system
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • integrating the contact form with the company’s CRM system
Analysis and visibility: 
  • SEO copywriting: on the basis of our semantic analysis and substantive input, we prepared the metadata and ready-to-publish articles broadening the website’s content
  • web analytics: implementing and configuring the Google Task Manager and Google Analytics tools
Running an online advertising campaign